All in the Family: The Dumont and Guays

Recognize these faces?  Part of the fun of being a photographer is getting to share in some of the big (and small) milestones with your clients.  I’ve watched little E grown from a wee little thing into a big girl.  I waited patient;ly along with them all as they waited for the arrival of little brother, then welcomed him home and celebrated holidays with them.

This session included the extended family who were warm, patient and so much fun to work with.  This was definitely one of my favourotes.

Oh, and big thanks to Tom? Don? For being so understanding

In Love: Danielle and James

Dani contacted me by email. Though we’d never met, we had friends of friends in common. She mentioned that she and her fiancé, James, were looking for a wedding photographer.

And then she sent me the details of her wedding.

Dani and James were to be married at Bean town Ranch I where I got married 8 years ago. They were getting married on a Sunday of a long weekend, just like I did. They chose to have wedding pie instead of a cake, just like I did. There were so many details that were so similar that it just felt ‘right’.

I met Dani and James at the Mer Bleue boardwalk on a hot and sunny Saturday and we  spent the next 2 hours laughing our heads off. Turns out James is a ham. He is absolutely hilarious. had me in stitches the whole time.  Based on the few hours I spent with them, I have no doubt that Dani and James are in for an insanely fun ride together. I’m thrilled I got to share in a tiny part of it and I can’t wait to share pictures from their wedding day.

In love: Dean-Marie and Mathew

I don’t hide the fact that I married into a pretty rad family.  My own extended family doubled in size and I ended up with a total of 10 (!) step-siblings/siblings-in-law, not including spouses.  But over the last couple of years, many of those siblings have gotten hitched or engaged so the family just keeps growing.  I’ve basically lost count at this point. ;)

Dan’s second youngest sister, Dean-Marie, will joining the club when she marries her Prince Charming, Mathew,  this summer.  We took the opportunity to  snap a few photos while we were last together in British Columbia in January.

I’ve been pokey about posting.  Not for lack of love for these images, but because life has kept me swamped.  But I promised myself I’d get these up before the much anticipated wedding of my beautiful siste-in-law, Dean-Marie and her handsome groom.  And since the ceremony are coming up in a few weeks (!) my time is tight.

I’m not gonna lie.  This was not the easiest shoot I’ve ever had.  I was only half a day over a nasty stomach virus that had me horizontal for 36 hours.  It was brutal.

And it was FREEZING.  -150, I think.

But Dean and Matt were so good to head out on short notice and brave the cold with me for a little while.  As much as it pained me, I could not miss out on the opportunity to spend time with the future bride and groom and to take advantage of the AMAZING backdrop provided by the Rockies and the rising sun.

Dean and Matt, thank you for the time we spent together.  People can’t help but smile when they are around you two.  I can’t wait to see you all dressed up in your fancy duds, in just a few weeks.

Baby Love: The Cyrs

On my daughter’s first day of school, I watched as my baby, no longer a baby, walked towards the playground and away from me.  Out of nowhere, a familiar face, then another, exactly the same as the first popped up and said hello!  Friends Jaia had met on her first soccer team, twin girls, were in her class and we had no idea until that point. She was elated.

I chatted with the girls’ mom who, like me, was anxious and nervous about starting this new chapter.  In the days and weeks that followed, we became fast friends. Each afternoon as we waited for our girls to come running out of the door we’d stand and chat. Some days we’d stay long after the bell rang and would talk while the kids played at the park.

At the time, Wes was still so tiny.  Just a few months old, and the twins loved him.  LOVED.  They would beg to push his stroller or rock him or hold him.  They just adored every single inch of him.  And Jaia couldn’t have been more proud.

Fast forward a few years and these dear friends of ours announced they’d be welcoming their own baby brother.  A Boy!  The first in their family.  So very much to celebrate.  And I couldn’t have been happier for them.

Welcome, sweet boy…



Sabrina and JP: Baby Love

Time flies, doesn’t it?  I suddenly realized that it’s been months since I’ve posted.

In December, Sabrina and JP welcomed their sweet little lady.  (And just for the record, my prediction was right.)  I arrived on a snowy afternoon to meet the teeny, tiny Beth.  Snow was still pretty then and before it had outstayed it’s welcome for a few weeks, so it provided the perfect backdrop for our cozy little session.

I had such fun with this trio and felt like I could have stayed there all day.  And their dog Abby, if she wasn’t 75 pounds, I would have tried to put her in my bag and steal her.  Instant . Love.


Sabrina’s super talented mama crocheted up this little Santa suit.  So adorable.

 So Serious.

Thanks again to Sabrina, JP and Beth (and Abby).  I had such a lovely time getting to know all of you.


Melanie and Jason: The Day

It rained.  HARD.  While running errands early in the day (shopping for pretty wedding-appropriate umbrellas – I’m not kidding) I was literally soaked.  It forced a change of plans and a change of locations.  It complicated the music and delayed things a little.

And then, just as the bride was ready to step outside, the rain stopped.

And then, just as we were taking portraits after the ceremony, the clouds opened and the sun peeked out.


This was the first wedding that I ever photographed.  There is no way to thank Melanie and Jason enough for trusting me with their special day.  It was an amazing experience and really, really, fun to boot.  The bride and groom were not only gorgeous, but they were generous, sweet, trusting and PATIENT.  I am truly grateful.

Thanks also go out to my amazing and undeniably talented second shooter, the lovely Alicia, who helped make the day one to remember.  I could not have done it without her.

And without further ado…the pictures.





Sabrina and JP: Expecting

This was our second meeting.  This time around I was no less impressed by their sweetness, their unending and contagious laughter, and, most notably, the way they love each other.  Sabrina and JP are the kind of people that you just love being around.  I feel lucky that we have another session together when their little bundle arrives in a few short weeks.  Yay!

They have opted not to find out the gender.  I’m thinking girl.  What do you think?

The coolest thing about what I do is that at each session I take a new favourite pictures, and this day was no exception.  Well, except maybe there were more than a few new favourites.  But that had everything to do with how gorgeous and comfortable these two were in front of the camera.  Seriously, check out the awesome…

Next three?  All my new favourites.  LOVE.

Thanks again, S & JP.  See you soon!

All in the Family: The Donovans

Long days of rain led up to the day the Donovans and I were to meet for our session.  So much rain that I thought we might have to cancel.  And then, the morning of, the sun came out.  The day was beautiful.  The sky was blue and clear and lovely, until about 30 minutes before our planned meeting time.

But no matter, the sun did its job that day.  It dried the ground and warmed the air and provided the perfect canvas for us at Pinhey’s Point.

This family was SO. MUCH. FUN.  One of my very favourites, for sure.  The couple of hours flew by and suddenly it was dinnertime and we were done.  I almost wished we could have brought a picnic along so we would have been able to keep chatting and hanging out.  I could have stayed and snapped all day, and as long as they were able to continue climbing the trees, I think the kids would have easily obliged.

My only regret is not putting the camera down for a few minutes to climb along with them.

And just in time for Halloween, and Miss Grace’s awesome idea…ZOMBIES!

Thanks again, Donovans.  I feel honoured that you chose me to capture your beautiful family.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them….

Melanie and Jason: The Day (A Sneak Peek!)

I couldn’t resist sharing one of my favourites from Melanie and Jason’s big day.  Does it get more gorgeous than this?

I can’t wait to share the rest….


Micheline and Nick: Baby Love

We are pretty lucky we did our maternity session with Micheline and Nick and their little lady when we did because Baby Conrad was eager to join us earlier than anticipated.

We decided to do our session when he was a grand 21 days old and I admit I was a little worried.  At that age (yes, I’m serious) babies are already more alert, bigger and a lot less tired.  Had Baby Conrad heard of my fears, he likely would have have laughed out loud.  He had other plans.  He had plans to sleep.  It’s tiring being a new little dude, you know.  But seriously.  Conrad was the happiest, sleepiest, snuggliest baby.  Maybe ever.

This session was awesome.  The second time parents couldn’t have been more calm and easy going and the new big sister was a dream.  She was proud of her new little brother and constantly showered him with kisses.  I seriously could have stayed all day just to hang around and enjoy their company.  But alas, there was cuteness to capture, and that’s what I did.

A special request!

So, so, so sweet.

Thanks again for letting me be part of such a special time for your family.  I was honoured to capture it for you.