First Peek of Spring – Ottawa Family Photographer

April in Ottawa brings with it hope.  Hope that winter is finally over and hope that warm temperatures are on their way.  This year though winter dragged on and on and on.  And on.  In fact, a session booked weeks earlier had to be cancelled and rescheduled because it just wasn’t warm enough to be outside without winter coats.

Fast forward a few weeks and the thermometer started to rise and we all happily met outside for a couple of hours.  Don’t get me wrong, it still wasn’t warm.  In between photos, kids were wrapping themselves in blankets to try to stave off the chill a little.  But the snow was long gone and the sun was shining.  For the first outdoor session of 2014, this one was hard to beat.  And thankfully, this family was ready to get the job done.  This session was a gift to mom-in-law and I have no doubt that she was elated to see these gorgeous faces looking back at her when she opened it.












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