The whole crew – Ottawa Family Photographer

The recipe for a perfect family photo shoot:  A pinch of afternoon sunlight.  A dash of adorable kids.  A heaping spoonful of grandparent adoration.  A splash of laughter.

I photographed Jodie a few months earlier and when she asked if I could capture her extended family, I jumped at the chance.  Jodie, and it turns out her whole family are a dream to photograph.  Seriously.  And they were all gorgeous to boot.  They even sweetened the deal we sealed the deal by choosing my most favourite spot for the session – Pinhey’s Point.  It doesn’t get better than this:

visuelle - Family 2013-002

visuelle - Family 2013-020vp

visuelle - Family 2013-026vp

visuelle - Family 2013-049vp

visuelle - Family 2013-052vp

visuelle - Family 2013-059vp

visuelle - Family 2013-064vp

visuelle - Family 2013-066vp

visuelle - Family 2013-073vp


visuelle - Family 2013-078vp

visuelle - Family 2013-085vp

visuelle - Family 2013-096vp

visuelle - Family 2013-099vp


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