A Winter Visit and a surprise in South Ottawa!

This is going to sound a little corny, but I take a little bit away from each family I photograph.  I feel like I really get to connect with people when they ask me to capture their families at that moment in time.  I might be a story we shared, or a smile that I had to to work overtime for or an exchange of numbers and a promise to keep in touch.

This session though, there was a little something extra.  It was not the first time I met this family.  It was, in fact, our second meeting and I was asked to capture some special moments with Grandma in town.  I jumped at the chance.  My own mother lives far away and I can truly appreciate how special each and every visit with our extended family is.

What I didn’t know at the time, was that I was walking into what would be one of the most amazing experiences I may ever have as a photographer.  Halfway through, Phillip took me aside and told me to get ready and to keep my eyes on Grandma.

What happened next had us all in tears.  Me included.

I feel so incredibly lucky that I was able to capture this amazing day.  They thanked me as I packed up and headed back to my own family that afternoon, but truth be told, it was me that was thankful.

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