In Love: Danielle and James

Dani contacted me by email. Though we’d never met, we had friends of friends in common. She mentioned that she and her fiancé, James, were looking for a wedding photographer.

And then she sent me the details of her wedding.

Dani and James were to be married at Bean town Ranch I where I got married 8 years ago. They were getting married on a Sunday of a long weekend, just like I did. They chose to have wedding pie instead of a cake, just like I did. There were so many details that were so similar that it just felt ‘right’.

I met Dani and James at the Mer Bleue boardwalk on a hot and sunny Saturday and we  spent the next 2 hours laughing our heads off. Turns out James is a ham. He is absolutely hilarious. had me in stitches the whole time.  Based on the few hours I spent with them, I have no doubt that Dani and James are in for an insanely fun ride together. I’m thrilled I got to share in a tiny part of it and I can’t wait to share pictures from their wedding day.

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