Sabrina and JP: Expecting

This was our second meeting.  This time around I was no less impressed by their sweetness, their unending and contagious laughter, and, most notably, the way they love each other.  Sabrina and JP are the kind of people that you just love being around.  I feel lucky that we have another session together when their little bundle arrives in a few short weeks.  Yay!

They have opted not to find out the gender.  I’m thinking girl.  What do you think?

The coolest thing about what I do is that at each session I take a new favourite pictures, and this day was no exception.  Well, except maybe there were more than a few new favourites.  But that had everything to do with how gorgeous and comfortable these two were in front of the camera.  Seriously, check out the awesome…

Next three?  All my new favourites.  LOVE.

Thanks again, S & JP.  See you soon!

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