All in the Family: The Donovans

Long days of rain led up to the day the Donovans and I were to meet for our session.  So much rain that I thought we might have to cancel.  And then, the morning of, the sun came out.  The day was beautiful.  The sky was blue and clear and lovely, until about 30 minutes before our planned meeting time.

But no matter, the sun did its job that day.  It dried the ground and warmed the air and provided the perfect canvas for us at Pinhey’s Point.

This family was SO. MUCH. FUN.  One of my very favourites, for sure.  The couple of hours flew by and suddenly it was dinnertime and we were done.  I almost wished we could have brought a picnic along so we would have been able to keep chatting and hanging out.  I could have stayed and snapped all day, and as long as they were able to continue climbing the trees, I think the kids would have easily obliged.

My only regret is not putting the camera down for a few minutes to climb along with them.

And just in time for Halloween, and Miss Grace’s awesome idea…ZOMBIES!

Thanks again, Donovans.  I feel honoured that you chose me to capture your beautiful family.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them….

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