Micheline and Nick: Baby Love

We are pretty lucky we did our maternity session with Micheline and Nick and their little lady when we did because Baby Conrad was eager to join us earlier than anticipated.

We decided to do our session when he was a grand 21 days old and I admit I was a little worried.  At that age (yes, I’m serious) babies are already more alert, bigger and a lot less tired.  Had Baby Conrad heard of my fears, he likely would have have laughed out loud.  He had other plans.  He had plans to sleep.  It’s tiring being a new little dude, you know.  But seriously.  Conrad was the happiest, sleepiest, snuggliest baby.  Maybe ever.

This session was awesome.  The second time parents couldn’t have been more calm and easy going and the new big sister was a dream.  She was proud of her new little brother and constantly showered him with kisses.  I seriously could have stayed all day just to hang around and enjoy their company.  But alas, there was cuteness to capture, and that’s what I did.

A special request!

So, so, so sweet.

Thanks again for letting me be part of such a special time for your family.  I was honoured to capture it for you.

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