Micheline and Nick: Expecting

Micheline and Nick are already parents to an adorable little gal.  When they called asking if I could take some pictures of the family before their newest member arrives, I was thrilled.  An afternoon with an awesome little family and the chance to capture them before Baby C makes his grand entrance.  Yup, lucky me.

Mama-to-be was smokin’ hot.  She rocked the session and made it look easy.  Even wardrobe was snap.  Micheline chose, in my humble opinion, the PERFECT dress for a maternity shoot.  Seriously, Ladies.  Follow her lead.

And this little lady was such a delight.  And look at those baby blues… Definitely a future heartbreaker.


Hello, cute girl!

And then there was this.  My favourite.  Maybe ever.

Congrats to all of you.  I can’t wait to meet your new baby boy.  What a lucky little man he’ll be.

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