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My Party: Lily

One of my favourite things to photograph are birthday parties.  I like wandering around, capturing the details, the cake, the candles, the merriment – except at my own parties.  I don’t have time.  Especially at my kids’ birthdays.  I would much rather see the look on my daughter’s face as the cake is brought out or see the surprise my son felt as the pinata broke apart, than be adjusting my ISO or pulling the lens cap off, just in time…to miss the moment.

But I can’t lie, I don’t take many pictures on the day, and I always regret not having them after.  I want to see the moments, but I also want to be able to relive them later in pictures.

So when Geoff and Monica asked me to photograph their daughter’s first birthday party, I was thrilled.  I’ve had a couple of sessions with them already and they are so fun and easy going, that I knew it was going to be a blast.

And it was.  Lily is a beauty and a true little lady.  Her parents, grandparents and GREAT grandparents were so lovely.  Actually, everyone there was pretty awesome (including a very old friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in years and was surprised to find he knew this family as well – lucky me!) and you could just feel the love.  Lily was surrounded by her biggest fans on her biggest day (so far) and I was so honoured to be there to capture it all for them.

Monica had the crown specially made for the birthday girl.  How cute!

Yellow and Grey Baby Shower – Ottawa Event Photographer

In love with these details…