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The whole crew – Ottawa Family Photographer

The recipe for a perfect family photo shoot:  A pinch of afternoon sunlight.  A dash of adorable kids.  A heaping spoonful of grandparent adoration.  A splash of laughter.

I photographed Jodie a few months earlier and when she asked if I could capture her extended family, I jumped at the chance.  Jodie, and it turns out her whole family are a dream to photograph.  Seriously.  And they were all gorgeous to boot.  They even sweetened the deal we sealed the deal by choosing my most favourite spot for the session – Pinhey’s Point.  It doesn’t get better than this:

visuelle - Family 2013-002

visuelle - Family 2013-020vp

visuelle - Family 2013-026vp

visuelle - Family 2013-049vp

visuelle - Family 2013-052vp

visuelle - Family 2013-059vp

visuelle - Family 2013-064vp

visuelle - Family 2013-066vp

visuelle - Family 2013-073vp


visuelle - Family 2013-078vp

visuelle - Family 2013-085vp

visuelle - Family 2013-096vp

visuelle - Family 2013-099vp


Baby Love: Stephanie and Duncan

The baby in that belly is my niece.  At the time, only a few of us knew it was a girl, and the only reason I knew is because I am VERY convincing and promised too keep the secret, cross my heart and hope to die.  And I did.  Beautiful Elianna was born a few weeks later and we were all elated and surprised!

But prior to her arrival, we took the very last minute opportunity to capture her beautiful mama and her adorable dad.  Little Baby Elianna is a very lucky little lady.











Just Because: Beautiful Girls (and a boy before he ran off to explore)










Danielle and James: The Day

It’s funny.  I find that when people reminisce about weddings, the weather pops up first.  It plays in to the feel of the day and puts guests back into their seats feeling it all over again.

As the photographer, I look at weather differently.  It’s about limitations and opportunities. Rain keeps you inside, look for the light from a window.  Sun has you scouting for shaded locations.  Swampy forests, though beautiful in pictures, have you running from hungry mosquitos.  (unfortunately, on this day, there was nowhere to run!)

As I mentioned before, Danielle and James got married in the exact same spot I did.  Well, not the exact same spot.  My wedding day, in May was too cold to be held outside, so the fine folks at Beantown Ranch made the last minute decision to hold the ceremony indoors.  So Danielle and James got married in the exact same spot that I was supposed to be married on.

But on their wedding day, in June, the weather was spectacular.  The sun was shining.  A few pretty cods dotted the sky.  A faint breeze kept us cool.

And the Bride and Groom?  I couldn’t have asked for better.  So relaxed.  So funny.  And so in love.  My face hurt from laughing all day, and I was not the only one.  It was truly picture perfect.

Thanks to Danielle and James for taking awesome up a to the next level.  I feel honoured to have been there and to have captured these moments for you.

vpWEDDING_ visuelle photo-004

vpWEDDING_ visuelle photo-054

vpWEDDING_ visuelle photo-069


vpWEDDING_ visuelle photo-085

vpWEDDING - visuelle photo_BW-012

vpWEDDING - visuelle photo_BW-061

vpWEDDING - visuelle photo_BW-045

vpWEDDING - visuelle photo_BW-048

vpWEDDING - visuelle photo_BW-033

vpWEDDING - visuelle photo_BW-027

vpWEDDING_ visuelle photo-354

vpWEDDING - visuelle photo_BW-058

vpWEDDING_ visuelle photo-370

In Love: Vanessa and Ryan

Vanessa and I talked about the session over the phone and by email, but never in person.  It felt like a blind date as I waited for them in the coffee shop.  They walked in and within minutes I was thinking, “how lucky am I?”  Seriously.  They were not only gorgeous, but also up for absolutely anything – which is my favourite quality in people I am going to photograph.

Vanessa and Ryan are getting married on a beautiful island in a couple of months, so what better backdrop for the engagement pictures than the city they live in together blanketed in crisp, white snow.  And after a cancelled session due to a ridiculous -26 on the thermometer, the day we settled on ended up being picture perfect.  And more.


Remember me?

It’s been awhile.  Or so it seems.

The truth is, the internet ate our site.  Somewhere along the way, while we switched from one server to another the site was devoured.  All posts, all photos and all the time it took to put them together vanished.

So, if you are returning and wondering where the posts that you were coming back to see have gone, my apologies.  We’re going to try to recover them, but at this point, it’s unlikely.

So, I’m moving on and moving forward.  The milk is spilled and I’m not crying about it (anymore).  Visit often as I try to republish a little of what once was.

Welcome back.